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“John brings a high level of creativity and sense of urgency to all that he does. I could always count on quality, detail and a willingness to roll up his sleeves....always a pleasure!”

—  Joe Stokes, Joesph Stokes Consulting

“As a business partner, John was extremely customer focused, detailed oriented and knowledgeable about his business. He continually kept our sales team updated on progress of initiatives, and collaborated with them on harvesting opportunities in the trade to meet and exceed any of their objectives. John was a pleasure to work with and looked forward to his regular visits to our sales centre.”

“John King, is a great leader and mentor. In my time with John at Baxters Canada his experience and guidance were key to my career growth. John takes great pride in his work and his staff.

“I had the pleasure of working with John in a very challenging and ever changing environment. John is a consummate professional and very adept at process improve through leveraging technology and garnering stakeholder consensus across all functional areas. His work ethic and drive are tireless and would be an asset to any organization looking for a sales savvy business leader with a very strong financial acumen.

“John has a unique mix of a strong financial background combined with sales savvy and an ability to build strong relationships with customers. He's a strategic thinker and is relentless in his pursuit of both short and long term results.”

“I got the pleasure of working with John, though for a short time but with great learning from his marketing skills and perspective towards company sales. Most tasks we think of them as complicated but actually can be solved with a simple click using the right tools. He is a visioner and always wanted to implement what he has learnt in life into day to day business. A huge part being inter personal skills and simply working as a team. Learning is a curve that can never be bent and he was modest even with his vast experience. Am glad to share his vision.”

“John is an outstanding leader with an terrific work ethic. His client relationship building skills were always on display. I highly recommend him for any position where swift results, and productivity are needed.”

“As Chief Financial Officer at Iovate I had the pleasure to work with John directly on a number of product line initiatives as well as the Annual Sales Plan. In all cases, I found John to be someone who leveraged his prior experience along with his knowledge of our business and markets to bring sound ideas and solutions to the table.”

“John is a highly experienced, innovative, strategic, disciplined and all-round business manager. He has led a strong sales and marketing team of Rubicon to increase sales to fulfill the target and carry on for further improvement. He shared his innovative ideas and new market demand with management team.”

“I have had the privilege to work with John in a very demanding and ever-changing business segment. .

His ability to easily leverage technology and improve processes, while at the same time, build consensus amongst a number of stakeholders resulted in successful execution of go-to-market and operational strategies. This resulted in John consistently demonstrating the leadership and acumen required to achieve success in both sales revenue and budgetary objectives. By doing so and coupled with a positive attitude, he continually improved the effectiveness of the sales team and enhanced productivity, efficiency and ultimately customer satisfaction.

John is a loyal and dedicated partner to both his customers and his colleagues, and has a work ethic which excels and thrives in both challenging and "growth" environments. He would be a tremendous asset and benefit to any organization seeking an individual to take their business to the "next level".

“John was a very customer focused partner. John showed a consistent ability over many years to over-deliver commitments and expectations.”

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